Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm a mormon

   My name is Kerry Keith Olsen. And I'm a  mormon. I have heard this phrase every single day of my mission so far. Today as I studied and as I look at the account of others that say "i'm a mormon" today I thought to myself what did this really mean to me. I sat pondering this question over and over again in my mind the thought came to me, I'm a mormon cause I choose to be one. It's something that I am very proud to say. I love to read, well I didn't when I was younger but for one reason or another I have found so much joy in reading right before coming out on my mission. I credit a lot of this to my mother because she absolutely loves to read and I think genetically speaking I'm picking up on a lot of that; anywho, because of this love of reading now part of me I have grown to love the Book of Mormon more than I have ever thought I would. The story and the principles that I can apply tomy daily life has made me more structered as a person and as a servant of the Lord. I can honestly say that I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that He gave me gifts not only to share them and build His kingdom but He gave them to me so that I can learn about Him and His divine plan for me. I find so much joy in the work of the Savior and in sharing my talents and gifts from God to all those around me.

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